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KWHotel Standard Mobile

2.87 usd

Carry your hotel anywhere you want!Unlimited access to the booking calendar throughout the entire world!KWHotel Standard mobile app is a fully functional reservation management system which facilitates rooms and reservation management and planning. This fabulous tool allows you to manage an unlimited number of rooms. Once installed on your mobile device, it does not require any internet connection.
KWHotel Standard Mobile is a modern application that facilitates your hotel management. Now you can easily create, modify, delete reservations and assign customers to them.
KWHotel Standard manages:- Rooms – adding/modifying/deleting rooms, maintaining room name and number of single/double rooms- Guests – assigning guests to reservations, maintaining guest’s name and contact data- Bookings – you can create/modify/delete reservations with just one click. Booking status manager functionality allows you to define reservation statuses and color coding to make your reservation calendar even more legible.- Prices – you can define a price for adults but also set up various plans for 3 additional age groups (eg. kids) defined by you
Check out our other Apps:KWHotel Pro – this is a demo version of a network hotel reservation management software. KWHotel Pro mobile is a powerful tool that synchronizes via internet with the PC version of KWHotel Pro. Gain constant access to your booking calendar no matter where you are and create bookings via your smartphone or tablet.